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The truth about the holtzclaw case about daniels wrongful conviction was a phenomenal success. Daniel holtzclaw interrogation reflection opening music disclaimer. Crucial dna evidence was presented in the daniel holtzclaws trial wednesday. The dirty cops behind the daniel holtzclaw trial youtube. A jury finds former oklahoma city police officer daniel holtzclaw guilty of rape and forcible oral sodomy. Daniel holtzclaw, 27 years old was placed on administrative leave on june 18th, 2014. Daniel holtzclaw was convicted in december 2015 on 18 of 36 counts of sexual crimes, including four counts of firstdegree rape. What are your thoughts on conviction of daniel holtzclaw. The lengthy video of daniel holtzclaws police interrogation, shown in november during the fired oklahoma city police officers sex crimes trial, was released thursday. Read the full deleted sb nation article about daniel holtzclaw.

Daniel holtzclaw okc cop accused of rapes verdict reddit. His accusers are using the fact that daniel holtzclaw was present at the time of. Sue ogrocki ap nevertheless, a supporter of one of the accusing women. Excop daniel holtzclaw sentenced to full 263 years in. Exoklahoma city police officer daniel holtzclaw, 29, has been sentenced to 263 years in prison, the full amount recommended by a jury. Former oklahoma city cop convicted on rape charges cbs news. The case of 30yearold former oklahoma city cop daniel holtzclaw attracted widespread national attention. While there he played football as a linebacker, setting a school record for 25 tackles in a game. A sentencing hearing for holtzclaw was delayed for a few hours as the judge considered the defenses motion for a new trial. The video of the interrogation contains very graphic language. Daniel holtzclaw was born december 10, 1986, in the u. Even before holtzclaw s trial began, selman studied the case of the teammate he had met within days of holtzclaw s arrival at eastern michigan as a freshman in 2005. Daniel holtzclaw 1986, an american police officer, has been accused of rape and sexual assault by 12 black women and one black girl in the part of oklahoma city he was to protect and serve.

Kathleen zellner formally withdrew her representation of daniel holtzclaw, and has been substituted with okc attorney james hankins. That evidence could convince a jury that the former oklahoma city. His father is a lieutenant with the enid police department, approximately 70 miles north of oklahoma city. Daniel holtzclaw is currently on trial for 36 charges of rape, sexual battery. Free daniel holtzclaw, not gulity, oklahoma city, oklahoma. Officer daniel holtzclaw, with the police department. City of okc, daniel holtzclaw, bill citty, brian bennett, rocky gregory, johnjane does. Daniel holtzclaw, second left, is escorted from the courtroom for a lunch break as prosecutors continue their case in the second week of his. Daniel holtzclaw listens to testimony as prosecutors continue their case in his trial in oklahoma city on nov.

Holtzclaw trial, founded by former holtzclaw private investigator and oklahoma city watchdog brian bates. Daniel holtzclaws defense suggests maybe his alleged. Read the full deleted sb nation article about daniel holtzclaw 11. The trial began this past week and is expected to last a month. That date marks the 5th anniversary of the offtheclock stop that started the investigation into then oklahoma city police officer daniel holtzclaw. Daniel holtzclaw, who turned 29 thursday, sobbed as the verdict was read aloud. Daniel attended enid schools and graduated from enid high school in may 2005. Daniel holtzclaw was born in guam on december 10, 1986. The twohour recording taken on the evening of june 18, 2014, begins with the thenofficer entering a small interrogation room in full uniform. The daniel holtzclaw trial entered its third week monday, with over two dozen out of an estimated 175 witnesses for the prosecution having testified so far, and yet local residents are still waiting for the story to grab nationwide.

Jurors convicted him on 18 counts involving eight of the women who had accused him. He was recruited by eastern michigan university for a division one football. Daniel holtzclaw intimidating witnesses during trial newsone. Forensic experts release report on holtzclaw case and. Charged with 36 offenses including sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy, stalking, and rape, exofficer. Oklahoma city, ok former oklahoma city police officer convicted on multiple sexual assault charges the state of oklahoma charged former oklahoma city police officer daniel holtzclaw with. This podcast deals with adult subject matter, including depictions of drug addiction, prostitution, sexual assault, and rape. When former oklahoma city police officer daniel holtzclaw was on trial last year for the rapes and assaults of different black women. He slowly read all of the 36 verdicts, which revealed that holtzclaw was guilty of 18 counts according to the jury. An oklahoma county jury handed down a series of guilty verdicts on thursday night in the trial of former oklahoma city police department officer daniel holtzclaw, who allegedly raped and sexually. Black women rape victims are under assault during daniel holtzclaw trial lawyer damario solomonsimmons thought hed seen everything until he visited the trial of exoklahoma city.

Two years ago, former oklahoma city police officer daniel holtzclaw was advised by his trial lawyer to stay quiet before and during his chaotic trial on trumpedup sexual assault charges by a parade of shady women who are now clients of benjamin crumps seeking highdollar civil rights lawsuit awards. Get angry, get active, get involved in freeing the wrongfully convicted daniel holtzclaw. The two jurors who spoke to the press said the dna evidence was crucial in their deliberations koko 5 news, juror speaks about daniel holtzclaw trial, dec. He is the son of eric and kumiko holtzclaw, an air force family that served overseas. In december 2015, he was found guilty of 18 of the 36 charges he faced. Former oklahoma city police officer daniel holtzclaw was sentenced to 263 years in prison thursday for raping and sexually assaulting eight women while on duty. An oklahoma city police officer accused of targeting black women for sexual abuse will be tried by an allwhite jury. Daniel holtzclaw trial, daniel holtzclaw verdict, daniel holtzclaw, daniel holtzclaw case smfh jury deliberations begin in daniel holtzclaw trial the trial for daniel holtzclaw, the former oklahoma police officer who preyed on and raped at least black women, is coming to a close. This daniel holtzclaw trial verdict watch broadcast will start at 10. The daniel holtzclaw trial and the systematic silencing of black women.

Daniel holtzclaw, center, cries as he stands in front of the judge after the verdicts were read in. When the judge was done, holtzlcaw said, i didnt do. Split verdict in holtzclaw trial is a travesty and dangerous getting a conviction on 18 out of 36 charges against former oklahoma city police officer. Trial begins for officer accused of sexual abuse of black. Daniel holtzclaw trial verdict watch thu 10th december 10. My new podcast bates investigates, season 1, the daniel holtzclaw case launched on june 18, 2019.

It is a trial that mainstream media has essentially ignored, possibly because of who the victims are and who the allegations are against. Like other holtzclaw supporters, selman considered the stack of evidence the prosecution had built and looked for clues to understand how holtzclaw could have possibly become. As they read the verdict out, daniel holtzclaw cried, shaking his head. Locking him up for a lifetime is a just a bandaid on a deep, festering wound. The daniel holtzclaw trial and the systematic silencing of. I thought i was happy about daniel holtzclaws verdict last night. Free daniel holtzclaw, founded by daniels sister, jenny holtzclaw. Holtzclaw, 29, never testified in court, and this interview is the first time we hear directly from the convicted cop. Secret appeal hearings held for convicted serial rapist. Split verdict in holtzclaw trial is a travesty and. As daniel holtzclaws verdict was read, everyone did stay quiet and allow the judge to be heard. Daniel holtzclaws trial continued monday, the former oklahoma city police officer accused of sexually assaulting at least black women. In the hours after henderson denied his attorneys request for a new trial, holtzclaw sat as, one after the other, three. But for now, coleman is waiting to see the outcome of the criminal trial against daniel holtzclaw before moving forward with the civil case with the city.

The channel page that will be showing the daniel holtzclaw. Jannie ligons went to the emergency room after reporting the assault and the sane test rape exam came back negative, and there were no fingerprints or dna on the patrol car to corroborate her allegations that she and daniel put their hands on the hood and top of the car. Former police officer daniel holtzclaw found guilty of. Subscribe with apple podcasts or anywhere you stream your favorite podcasts.

The daniel holtzclaw trial is now into its fourteenth day. I dont know if daniel holtzclaw is actually guilty or not, but i do know that the evidence of his guilt was definitely not as clear cut as some people are making it. Yet daniel holtzclaw is a tall, lightskinned, japanese american man, and, significantly, the avlgps evidence from daniels patrol car shows that it could only have been motionless in the school yard for less than 4 minutes, simply not enough time to do as was alleged. While you read the following below, keep in mind, allegedly daniel raped and sexually assaulted 3 women on his last shift within a 6 hour time frame before being brought into interrogation.

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